Sigi Engl  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1971

Born:                1911                 Kitzbuehel, Austria


Died:                 1982


Sigi’s dedication to teaching the sport of skiing began in his teens by watching and imitating the Austrian soldiers training on skis during World War I. He skied for the Austrian national team and won an impressive string of alpine victories.


He came to America in 1936, and after two years of teaching at Yosemite he spent a year scouting the Eastern Sierras for a place to build his own resort. In 1939 however, an invitation to teach at Sun Valley Resort was extended. He became a popular instructor and confirmed his reputation as a racer by winning the Harriman Cup in 1940 and the Diamond Sun in 1941.


During World War II he served with the 10th Mountain Division. After the war he returned to Sun Valley, gave up racing, and devoted his life to the study of ski instruction. He later became director of the Sun Valley Ski School with one hundred and fifty instructors under his supervision.


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