Charles Gibson  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 2001

Born: Augst 30,1935 Schenectedy, NY

Died:February 3,2004 Danville, VA

Gibson’s contribution to the building of the American ski sport was made not on the field of play, but rather at national conventions, in board and committee meeting rooms, and in person-to-person contact as he worked determinedly to transform organized ski competition in the United States from its regionalized, politicized and ineffective structure pre-1980 to its emergence as one of the best sports governing bodies in the country.

Beyond the key role as a sport builder in reshaping the United States Ski Association, his legacy includes pioneering a fair, transparent and responsive ranking system in alpine, innovations in timing, scoring and results, founding an effective organization for the education of U.S. ski coaches, and revamping of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s formula for the disbursement of development monies. He was always focussed on what was best for the sport.

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