Nathaniel L. Goodrich  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1971

Born: Februay 9,1880, Concord, NH
Died: April 30,1957, Hanover, NH

When Goodrich arrived in Hanover in 1912, skiing was in its infancy. There were no instructors or tows, and the Dartmouth Outing Club was just beginning. A group of Dartmouth faculty, Goodrich among them, took skiing seriously and taught themselves how to ski from books. The type of skiing of the day was adapted to cross country travel, which Goodrich preferred. He was a very proficient on his skis and could take to racing courses on Cannon Mountain or in the Alps with the best of them. On occasion, he made winter trips to Switzerland and Austria to ski.

Goodrich wanted others to enjoy the mountains and skiing as he did, and this drew him into the activities of the Outing Club. He wrote two books on skiing and was the editor of the U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association’s Annual for six years, and a contributing editor to the National Ski Association. Along with Charles Proctor, Roland Palmedo and Sir Arnold Lunn, he was instrumental in the introduction of alpine competition to America. His work laying out and cutting trails made possible the Mooselauke run where the first National Downhill competition took place.

As the librarian for Dartmouth College, he was responsible for the vast collection of books, maps, photographs and journals, both American and foreign, on skiing and mountaineering that are housed in the Dartmouth Library.

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