Harry Wade Hicks  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1969

Born: February 10, 1872,  Oberlin, OH

Died : March 12, 1960, Lake Placid, NY

Harry Hicks was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who believed strongly in the benefits of winter sports as a source of community development.  He was well known for his work with the National Parks Service and the National Ski Association in the development of ski areas throughout the country.

He helped found the US Eastern Amateur Ski Association in 1922 and eventually served as its President.  He was a director for the Olympic Games in Lake Placid in 1932 and the development of Whiteface Mountain in that area is one of the projects that he participated in.  He was also called in by the War Department to help in the development of the 10th Mountain Division of ski troopers.


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