W. David Judson, Jr.  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1997

Born: April 26, 1909 New York City, NY

Died: 1992 South Lyme, CT

William D. Judson, Jr. became interested in skiing while attending Yale University. He was an avid recreational skier all his adult life, and a competitor in the early years of his long involvement in the sport. Upon graduation, he concentrated on writing. He wrote ski fiction for The Saturday Evening Post and became editor of SKI magazine in 1940.

He served in WWII as a member of the 10th Mountain Division and earned a Bronze Star. He was one of three men assigned to the division newspaper The Blizzard and was assigned chief editor.

Upon returning home, he and his wife started the Otis Ridge Junior Ski Camp. Judson became actively involved in ski instruction. He served for 10 years (1958-’68) on Roland Palmedo’s Committee on Certification of Professional Ski Teachers of the Eastern Amateur Ski Association.

His dedication to developing national standards for ski area development, skier safety and risk management earned him election as the first president of the National Ski Areas Association from 1962-’65. In 1976 he received the Sherman Adams Award for outstanding service to the ski industry.

Judson was elected to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame in 1997.

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