Otto Lang  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1978

Born:  January 21, 1908          Zenica, Bosnia

Died: January 30, 2006           Seattle, WA

Otto Lang built his life around skiing, cinematography and photography.  Over his career he compiled an extensive list of major film credits and published four books.

He competed as a ski racer and ski jumper in Europe as a member of the Arlberg Ski Club.  He was a product of the Hannes Schneider Arlberg technique and in 1935 was persuaded to come to Peckett's Resort in Vermont.  The next year he was involved with the shooting of the film Ski Flight which premiered at New York's Radio City Music Hall.  He opened the first official Hannes Schneider Ski School at Mount Ranier and later opened ones at Mount Baker and Mount Hood.

During his instructional years he became Nelson Rockefeller's personal ski instructor, which led eventually to his coming to Sun Valley.  This also opened up the world of Hollywood film making to him and over the course of his career his short subject films earned him four Academy nominations.

During World War Two he made instructional and recruiting films for the U.S. military and war effort.

His book titles were: Downhill Skiing, How to Ski, Bird of Passage and Around the World in Ninety Years.

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