Marilyn S. McMahon  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1986

Born:  May 28, 1924            Stowe, VT

Died:  December 9, 1989  Stowe, VT

Marilyn Shaw McMahon was a teenage skiing sensation who earned several important victories before she headed off to college.  She was a member of a well-known skiing family and was coached by the great Sepp Ruschp at an early age. At age 13 she finished 11th in the national championship.  The next year she earned a second place in the Far West Kandahar against older and far more experienced skiers.  In 1940 she won the Harriman Cup for women and became the national title holder in the combined.  She followed that the next year with her second national title, this time in the slalom.  In 1942 she claimed the Vermont and the New Hampshire slalom titles.

She then stopped racing to devote herself to college, career and marriage.

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