Webb Moffett  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1999

Born: January 27,1909

Died: February 26,2000

Webb Moffett was born in New York City in 1909. Few can equal his track record in years devoted and deeds accomplished as a ski sport enthusiast and developer. In 1937 he installed the first automated ski tow at Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier. He added another one at Mount Baker and a third at Snoqualmie Summit. Snoqualmie became the headquarters for his Ski Lifts, Inc.

In 1940 he had eight rope tows running at Snoqualmie. He observed skiers riding up and coming down the slopes and realized they lacked proper control of their skis. This prompted him to offer free ski lessons to all lift ticket holders, which proliferated into a program of organized ski schools. He also promoted the first organized volunteer ski patrol for that region. He developed one of the first snow-grooming apparatus by using a tractor equipped with two-by-fours studded with nails to smooth down the slopes. He also introduced night skiing with electrical lighting at Snoqualmie which allowed the working peopleas well as skiing devotees to ski until 10p.m.

He helped competitive youngsters develop into proficient racers by subsidizing them with trained instructors and exposure to local racing competitions. Those who benefitted included Olympic champions and future Hall of Famers such as Gretchen Fraser, Debbie Armstrong, as well as Steve and Phil Mahre.

The most poignant contribution to his life accomplishments was his involvement and support of SKIFORALL, a volunteer organization whose objective is to teach physically impaired and disabled persons to ski safely and enjoyably. Webb was also one of the first ski area operators to welcome the sudden influx of snowboarders to the slopes.

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