John E. P. Morgan  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1972

Born:  August 9, 1895,  Lennox, Massachussetts

Died:  August 24, 1971, St.Paul, MN

John Morgan was an all round athlete who took up skiing as a recreational activity following service during World War One.  This would lead to his direct involvement with three major events in the history of the development of skiing in the United States: the establishment of the National Ski Patrol and the 10th Mountain Division and the founding of the Sun Valley ski resort.

In the late 1920's he joined the Amateur Ski Club of New York and there came to know Roland Palmedo.  He became part of a commission that Palmedo put together in the early 1930's to study skiing accidents.  Its report emphasized the need for specific training in the handling of skiing related injuries and lay the foundation for the eventual establishment of the National Ski Patrol System..  Morgan served as the treasurer of the fledgling organization and also chaired the Finance Committee of the National Ski Association for 10 years.   

At the outbreak of World War Two in Europe he accompanied Minnie Dole to Washington to meet with War Department officials and persuade them on the necessity of creating a special group of ski troopers.  Morgan remained in Washington becoming a key person that led to the successful founding of the famous 10th Mountain Division.

During the 1930's he worked with Charlie Proctor in the laying out of the first runs at Sun Valley and had a hand in the development of the first chair lift in the world that helped make Sun Valley famous. 


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