Sondre Norheim  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1974

Born:  1825               Morgedal, NOR

Died:  December, 1897, Denbigh, ND

Sondre Norheim is such a legend as the "father of modern skiing" that the birthplace home in Morgedal is a national shrine and its hearth has been used to light the Olympic flame on three occasions, 1952, 1960 and 1994.

In 1850 Norheim created a sensation by devising a heel strap for ski bindings that provided infinitely more control for the skier.  He was also the first to shape skis in the middle and then devised what became the famous telemark and christiana turns in skiing. 

He won the first ski jumping competition in Telemark in 1866 and in 1868 skied 115 miles from his home to Oslo to a competition which he won handily.

Like many of his countrymen Norheim pursued economic opportunity in the United States but settled on the American plains.  His skiing career was largely confined to his homeland.

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