Klaus Obermeyer

Year Inducted: 1997

Born:  December 2, 1919       Oberstaufen, GER

Klaus Obermeyer built a business based on his observation that people needed to be kept comfortable on the slopes if they were to enjoy and remain long term participants in skiing and snowboarding.

He had a passion to ski from the age of three and was trained as a mechanic and aeronautical engineer.  He was also an entrepreneur and published a successful book, English Official Language, the profits from which he used to open his own ski shop in 1947.

However, he immigrated to the United States that year and linked up with Warren Miller selling ties and shoes strings from the back of Miller's car.  He then settled in Aspen as a ski instructor.  It was there that he noticed that much of the clothing people wore for his lessons was highly impractical leaving many of his students cold and uncomfortable.  Pursuing an opportunity while continuing to instruct he started to develop clothing items and eventually built one of the largest skiwear clothing companies, Sport Obermeyer.  His company is a highly respected industry leader and was built on Klaus' own philosophy that "Skiing is a celebration of life and its celebrants must be comfortable to enjoy it."

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