Wayne Poulsen  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1980

Born: July 24, 1915                  Richmond, CA

Died  March 28, 1995              Olympic Valley, CA

Wayner Poulsen was a ski jumper who made significant contributions to the development of the sport in Squaw Valley.  He was the Far West Junior and Senior ski jumping champion and was a member of a collegiate team of ski jumpers that defeated a top fight group of German ski jumpers that were touring in the 1930's.  He promoted ski jumping at the World's Fair in California in 1938 using "artificial" snow and coached a University of Nevada ski team that claimed the national championship in 1939.

A career commercial piot with Pan American Airlines, he worked with Alex Cushing in the development of Squaw Valley as a major ski area.  Poulsen founded the Squaw Valley Development Company but he also worked hard to maintain the natural beauty of the area and fought a costly battle to preseve the the valley meadow during the preparations for the 1960 Olyumpic Games.

Four of his children were named to the U.S. Ski Team and two became Olympians. 

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