Edward Scott  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1999

Born: 7/11/1917, New York

Died: 1999, Ketchum, Idaho

Edward Scott grew up on Long Island, New York and was given his first pair of manufactured skis for Christmas in 1932. He started working for ski shops in New York City during the mid-1930s.

After World War II he went west, first to Sugar Bowl, California then to Sun Valley, Idaho in 1949. It was then he opened his own repair shop in Ketchum and worked on equipment for racers such as Jack Reddish, Gretchen Fraser and Dick Movitz. During that time frame it was realized that broken ski poles were a major part of the skiers' problems.

With help from Warren Miller, who provided contact to a wholesale supplier, Ed Scott went to work on engineering the world's first light weight aluminum ski pole. The pole was made from hollow, thin walled, tapered, 2000 series aluminum stock. The grip was molded from Vibram rubber with finger notches and slight forward tilt, along with an adjustable wrist strap. The baskets set the standard for 4.25" diameter with a reduced spoke pattern. The entire basket assembly was one piece, a major improvement in weight and maintenance.

The Scott Company has gone on to develop many other ski and sporting related equipment. Edward Scott sold the company in 1971.

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