Herman Smith-Johannsen  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1969

Born:  June 15, 1875   Horten, NOR

Died:  Janaury 5, 1986    NOR

"Jack Rabbit" Johannsen was famous for his passionate promotion of cross country skiing and for his ability and enthusiasm for skiing when he was well into his second century of life.  An engineer he settled in Cleveland, OH after immigrating to the United States but eventually moved to Quebec during the 1930's; where he supported his family by living off the land.  He was involved with opening up trails in the Lake Placid area and coached Canada's Olympic ski team in 1932.

He became a life long ambassador for skiing and led the development of the famous Maple Leaf Trail north of Montreal.  He amazed everyone for his ability to ski even when he was well beyond 100 years old.

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