Clif Taylor  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1979

Born:  December 29, 1922     Providence, RI

Died:  March 6, 2005               Copper Mountain, CO

Clif Taylor's imagination led to the development of a unique American instructional system that had world wide impact.  Starting out as an instructor at Mad River Glen in Vermont he discovered that people learned to ski more quickly if they first used short skis.  His development of the "shortee" ski made him a name in the skiing world.  From there he developed the GLM or Graduated Length Method which eventually was developed as the American Teaching Method by the PSIA.

During his life he produced 20 instructional videos and published three books: Instant Skiing (1961), Ski in a Day (1964), and GLM-the New Way to Ski (1973).

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