Olav Ulland  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1981

Born:  November 23, 1910     Kongsberg, NOR

Died:  June 7, 2003                 Bellevue, WA

Olav Ulland is remembered as an outstanding ski jumper who set records, ski jumping coach, official and promoter and a skiing retailer who was at the founding of the key organizations in the industry.

Among his ski jumping achievements was his being the first to break the 100 meter barrier in 1935.  He was the Czechoslovakian Nordic combined champion and the French four way champion prior to his immigrating to the United States in 1937.  He was the Italian team ski jumping coach in 1936 and twenty years later was the U.S. ski jumping coach at the Olympic Games and FIS Games in 1958. 

His friendship with Eddie Bauer resulted in Bauer's providing the initial backing of Osborn and Ulland Sporting Goods which expanded into a chain of successful stores starting in 1944.  The stores remained in business, largely in the Seattle area until the 1990's.  Ulland became a founding member of the SIA. 

He worked to promote ski jumping largely in the Seattle area, served on several USSA committees which resulted in his being presented with the Blegen Award, was a FIS judge and a ski jumping official at the 1980 winter Olympics. 

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