Tom Jacobs  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 2007

Born: August 14, 1926, Montreal, Canada

Died: April 10, 2014, Glens Falls, New York

Tom Jacobs was an icon in the ski industry. His passion, innovative spirit and enthusiasm benefited skiing for over 60 years.  He was an outstanding four event skier at the collegiate level and competed at the 1952 Olympic Games.  He was the first full time ski coach at Colorado University and was the Executive Director of the National Ski Association in 1956-1957. 

After working as a ski school director and ski shop operator he and his wife, Marilyn, started their own business, in 1965, Reliable Racing Supply.  A mail order company they served a market requiring quality competition supplies for ski racing.  They printed their first racing bibs out of the cellar of their shop.  In 1968 they developed a parallel company, Inside Edge, to serve the Nordic skiing community.   In 1998, one of their exclusive products, a slalom flex pole called the Breakway, was the official slalom pole used at the Olympic Games in Nagano.


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