Howard Chivers  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1973

Born: 1919   Hanover, NH

Died: March 9,1984  Hanover, NH  

The second oldest member of Hanover's famous Royal Family of Skiing, Chivers dedicated his life to ski sport from childhood; a formidable high and prep school, then intercollegiate champion, who was to go on to national recognition, then wind up as coach, leader and manager of Dartmouth Skiway.

He had an impressive record in three years of competition as a "Big Green" star as Dartmouth captain with Dick Durrance in 1938-39.  He  won the intercollegiate and Canadian cross country title in 1939. He was the winner of the famous "Inferno" downhill race at Tuckerman's Ravine in 1936.  He was a member of the USA team to Chile for the Pan American championships in 1937 and was a member of the Olympic Team in 1940. In 1942 he won the National Nordic Combined Championship at Brattleboro, Vermont and the Eastern Divisional Title. He went on to serve as teacher and coach at West Point in 1947.  He then was in charge of the Ford Sayre Memorial Junior Ski Council, a program affecting over 800 young skiers.  He returned to Dartmouth as the manager of the Dartmouth Skiway in 1956.

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