Shane McConkey  (deceased)

Year Nominated: 2010

Year Inducted: 2010

Shane McConkey was the most influential skier of his generation who developed and popularized "free skiing" and whose work in changing and developing ski technology, and appearances in 26 ski films enhanced the enjoyment of the sport for millions of skiers.

Shane was born in Canada to skiing parents. His father Jim was a highly regarded big mountain skier in his own right and his mother, Glenn was a ski instructor, who raised Shane alone from the age of three at Santa Cruz, CA. By the time he was 17 Shane was respected as a technically perfect skier and among the top 20 ski racers in the country. He completed his high school training at Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont.

In 1993 he decided to enter, for fun, the Pro Mogul Tour and won the second event he entered, at Copper Mountain. The next year he won the South American Freeskiing championships and was second at the World Extreme Skiing Championships. He repeated his South American Championship in 1995 and took the U.S. National Freeskiing title as well. In 1996 he founded the International Freeskiers Association and was it's overall World Tour Champion.

He starred in 26 film productions for several producers including Matchstick, TGR, Warren Miller, Scott Gaffney and Nick Nixon. His comedic fun loving personality was forever present on the screen and off.

In 1998 he pioneered the development and application of "rocker" design in skis, elevating the tips and tails, reducing the camber and increasing the enjoyment and versatility of skis especially in deep powder and extreme vertical situations. From 2004 to 2009 he worked with K2 in the development of the K2 Pontoon. This development of rocker reverse camber technology has benefited all participants in a wide variety of on slope conditions.

Shane McConkey died in a ski base jumping accident on March 26, 2009.

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