Siegfried Buchmayr  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1977

Born: September 2, 1906,       Holf Gastein, Austria

Died: January 14,1964.           Hopewell Junction, NY

Sigfried Buchmayr was the director of the first real ski school in the United States. In 1929 he was invited by Katherine Peckett to come to Sugar Hill, New Hampshire to offer ski lessons to the guests at Pecketts, the resort operated by her family.

A master showman and promoter he was very successful in building a large ski clientele from the elites of New York City. Eventually he devoted himself to ski fashion and equipment and built a chain of retail stores throughout the northeast known as Buchmayr sporting shops, well positioned to fully benefit from the skiing boom that took place after World War Two.  He died in a car accident returning to New York City after a tour of his shops in the north east.

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