Hannah Locke Carter  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1973

Born: 1914, Morristown, New Jersey

Died: April 20, 2009; Menlo Park, California

Hannah Locke was a promising figure skater who was encouraged by Roland Palmedo to use her talents as a skier.  Although she had no competitive record she did become one of Alice Wolfe's "Red Stockings", the famous group of American women who pioneered for the United States in Europe in the late 1930's, racing against the top women of that time.  Hannah Locke accumulated many medals including a Silver Pin from the Parsen Derby.  She finished a strong tenth at the 1937 Arlberg Kandahar in 1937 being only second to the World Champion in the slalom.  Selected to the 1940 Olympic Ski Team she remained active in skiing throughout her life with much success in old timers events. 

Locke Carter was among the first Americans to win Austrian ski instructor certification.


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