Suzanne Chaffee

Year Inducted: 1988

Born:   1947       Rutland, VT

Suzanne "Suzy" Chaffee was an excellent ski racer captaining the US Women's Ski Team at the 1968 Olympic Winter Games.  Her appearance and modelling experience helped her to glamorize women's skiing in the 1970's and her contributions to the sport were diverse and significant.  She did much to develop and promote freestyle skiing, including securing sponsorship.  She worked with John Kelly at the USOC, and was one of the first two women to serve on the USOC's Board of Directors, to broaden the eligibility criteria for skiers beyond the old "pure amateur" code of rules that had governed Olympic sport.  She assisted in the passage of the "Amateur Sport Act of 1978" working closely with President Ford.  SKI magazine acknowledged her as the "Best PR of the ski industry."  Well known for her Chapstick commercials she was among the pioneers to encourage the development of ski equipment designed specifically for women.   

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