Max Dercum  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1983

Born:  October 2, 1912            Cleveland, OH

Died: September 30, 2011

Max Dercum was one of seven founders of the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and as a member co-authored the first edition of "The Official American Ski Technique."  He joined the world of skiing in the 1930s while pursuing a degree in forestry, first at Cornell University where he was a member of the its first ski team, then the University of California and finally at Penn State where as an assistant professor of forestry he found time to form and coach the first Penn State ski racing team.  After WWII he went into the ski industry full time working with such greats as Dick Durrance, Larry Jump, Thor Groswold and Sandy Schaeffer to build Arapahoe Basin.  During the 1960s he secured three USFS permits, solicited investors and founded Keystone Ski Resort in 1970.

His wife, Edna, was inducted as an Honored member in 1991.

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