Charles M. Dole  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1958

Born: April 18, 1899, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts; Died: 1976, Charles Minot Dole is best known as the founder of the National Ski Patrol, in 1938, and the main proponent of the 10th Mountain Division.  He was an outdoor enthusiast since his youth and a member of the prestigious New York Amateur Ski Club.  In 1936 he wrote "Ski Safety Inquiry" which was published in the American Ski Annual.  The report focused on ski instruction, trail construction, physical conditioning, and first aid.  The patrol model was put into use for the 1938 National Championships on Mount Mansfield's Nose Dive Trail.  Visiting National Ski Association president, Roger Langley, was so impressed with the organization that he approached Dole to organize a ski patrol nationally.  March 1938 marked the founding of the National Ski Patrol System.  His detail to organization and recognition for specialized training lead to the implementation of the 10th Mountain Division in WWII after he approached U.S. Chief of Staff George C. Marshall in September of 1940 with a proposal for training troops in mountain and winter warfare. 

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