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Steep, Deep, & Launched

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Steep, Deep & Launched is a four pack DVD set from Teton Gravity Research's early years. Featuring legendary skis and snowboarders in the early days of the freeride era. This DVD pack reveals the roots of big mountain decents and rail/park jam sessions.

The Prophecy
Get a glimpse of where free riding came from when the disciplines of big mountain and jib fuse together to begin the next major phase in the progression of riding. See visionaries like Jeremy Jones, Micah Black, and Kent Kreitler step up and change the game.
Run time: 60 minutes

Salad Days
salad days noun: a time of youthful indiscretion and delinquency. What are the salad days? See the answer with the tightest in jib style and culture with backcountry air, cliffs, rails, urban, pipe, and more. Witness skiing's new generation's happy days, the salad days, when the boys are green in judgment and cold in blood.
Run time: 30 minutes

Watch spine-chilling accounts of the sport's most progressive athletes in the world's most insane locations. Candide Thovex throws d-spin 720s over a 120-foot gap and Black, Nobis, and Jones rip classic Alaskan lines at over 70 m.p.h. Check out Les Trois Phillips breaking ground in the new millennium with never-before-seen tricks and mad footage from big air comps and terrain parks around the world.
Run time: 60 minutes

This all-time favorite is all about extreme snow action. Footage shot on location in the packs of Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, and New Zealand won two awards at the International Film Festival and was voted Best Movie of the Year by France's acclaimed SKIEUR magazine.
Run time: 60 minutes



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