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The Original Place of Skiing—Altay Prefecture of Xinjiang, China (人类滑雪起源地——中国·新疆·阿勒泰)

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编者的话 · Editors’ note:
Thanks to more than ten years of hard work, the research of The Original Place of Skiing—Altay of Xinjiang, China was completed on Jan.16th, 2006 and achieved Altay Declaration which was issued by the museum of Xinjiang Autonomous region and China Northwestern University officially at a press conference held by Altay municipal government and Chinese Skiing Association at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Dec. 15th, 2006.

Since the birth of the Altay Declaration, the Expert Group has never stopped investigation. They have discovered new rock paintings in Chonghuer Village of Buerjin County, Handegate Village in Altay city and Saerbulake Village of Habahe County. They also collected some new “Snow Shoe” rock paintings in some historical materials, laying a solid foundation for the Altay Declaration. For the past five years, there have been some heated debates on the Altay Declaration. Therefore, this book made a comprehensive explanation for the hot issued arising from those debates.

According to the Altay Declaration, the Altay government decided to make the Jan. 16th each year a Memorial Day for the place of origin of skiing--Altay of Xinjiang, China. Farmers and herdsman in Altay will hold skiing contests to celebrate this day. The 6th Skiing Contest will be held at the General Mountain Skiing Resort in Altay city on Jan. 16th, 2011 and other celebratory activities will also be held in Kanasi Lake, Hemu Village and Altay city center.

Nils Larsen, a U.S. cultural and historical ski researcher, has rich experiences in carrying out the research work of skiing in Humu in Kanas. He is the author, editor, photographer and commentator of the documentary film “Timeless Altay Skiers” He also made other three short films: “ Summer and Rock Paintings in the Altay”,“2007 Altay Skiing Festival” and “Skiers in the Altay Mountains in 2009”. The Chinese version of those films are welcomed and praised by many Chinese readers. We extend our profound gratitude to him for his dedication to the completion of this book.

Before the publication of this book, Altay Municipal government and China Central Television (CCTV) made a significant Documentary Film called “A Journey for the Origin of Skiing by Skiers” which demonstrated the research course for the Original Place of Skiing--Altay Prefecture of Xinjiang,  China, the rich natural resources like snow, the tradition of Altay skiing and the beautiful winter and summer landscapes in Altay prefecture. This film will provide the domestic and foreign readers with a fresh insight into the skiing industry.

On the occasion of the fifth Anniversary of the release of Altay Declaration, the Original Place of Skiing--Altay Prefecture of Xinjiang, China, is published by Beijing People’s Education Press and Xinjiang People’s Press on the request of Altay municipal government, the Museum of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and China Northwestern University. It discusses some major theories of the origin of skiing in a systematic, comprehensive and scientific way, and supported by a variety of evidence, it certified that Altay of Xinjiang is the original place of skiing.

Many experts and scholars home and abroad contributed to the writing of the book which has been translated into English (Altay Declaration is also translated into Russian and Khalkha Mongolian) so that foreign readers can read, analyze and probe into new discoveries. 

By the Editorial Board of the Original Place of Skiing—Altay of Xinjiang, China July 30, 2010

Paperback 350pgs, includes both original Chinese & English translation


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